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Product Overview

The Discovery II is a 2.5-way stand mounted loudspeaker constructed from carbon fibre composite and precision CNC-machined alloy. To owners and long-term admirers of the brand, the design may feel familiar, replacing as it does the award-winning Odyssey Series design. The original Discovery was one of the most successful products in the company’s history, claiming awards across the globe including some of particular note including the ‘Stereo Sound’ Japan Component of the Year in 2001, Product of the Year in Hong Kong’s ‘HiFi Review’ Magazine and also ‘Reference Loudspeaker’ in the UK’s What HiFi Magazine over two consecutive years in 2004 and 2005.

Design and Build

The principle drive unit topology of the Discovery II remains a unique approach to stand mount speaker design, placing the innovative clamshell Isobaric Drive System in the underside of the enclosure with a tweeter and dedicated midrange drive unit sitting in close proximity directly above. The compact and highly optimised drive unit topology delivers a captivating soundstage, rich with dynamic low bass that is perfectly integrated with the frequencies across the range up to 30kHz. The character of the original design and the sound it produced, won the hearts and minds of music lovers across the globe, garnering an almost cult following. Now in 2015, the design returns with even more power, control and bandwidth.

Retaining the fresh, clean and high-tech aesthetic quality – the new Discovery II is testimony to the classic design principles that have guided Wilson Benesch’s design philosophy since the company’s inception in the late 1980’s. Redeveloped using state-of-the-art Dassault 3D CAD/CAM systems, precision CNC machinery and carbon composite tooling, the Discovery II is a highly refined design offering a new level of performance and sophistication.

Common drive technologies are installed across the Geometry Series product line, the Discovery II deploys a midrange Tactic II Drive Unit with the revolutionary Semisphere Tweeter and the innovative Tactic II – Isobaric Drive System. The combination delivers a frequency response from 43Hz – 30kHz.

Bandwidth is one thing, but the delivery of the frequency range is paramount to the success of any loudspeaker and in this respect the Discovery II majors in both the bass thanks to the phenomenal Isobaric Drive System and also in the high frequency presentation with the Silk-Carbon Hydrid Dome Technology Semisphere Tweeter. The Discovery II presents a natural, highly detailed sound, with unrivalled dynamics and punch in the bass register, whilst remaining perfectly integrated and open in character through the frequency range.

Geometry Series styling pertains throughout, with a solid alloy baffle, adjustable hand wheels and a recessed terminal plate, the Discovery II design has been informed by the modern era of Wilson Benesch loudspeaker design. Finished in a range of high gloss polymers or a selection of natural wood veneers which have been applied by hand by Bentley Motors trained craftsmen, the Discovery II is a beguiling, classically British design.

Wilson Benesch: The Future is Carbon


Description: Stand mounted Monitor; 2.5-way, true linear phase, free space, ported enclosure, with integrated stand

Drive units:
1 x 170mm (7”) WB Tactic II mid/bass unit.
2 x 170mm (7”) WB Tactic II Isobaric Drive bass units
1 x 25mm (1”) WB Semisphere Silk-Carbon Hydrid Dome Tweeter

Low frequency loading:
Double chamber, differential reflex port tuning of conventional and Isobaric bass drivers

Frequency response: 43Hz - 30kHz +- 3dB on axis

Sensitivity: 89dB spl (2.83V/1m)

Impedance: 6 Ohms Nom / 4 Ohms Min.

First order bass roll-off
First order midrange crossover
Second order tweeter crossover
Selected polypropylene capacitors and air cored inductors used throughout

Crossover frequencies: 500Hz / 5kHz

Internal wiring:
Hand-Built loom comprised of multi-stranded military specification silver plated copper. With PTFE jacket soldered connections throughout

Input connections: Bi-Wireable, in-house machined rhodium plated copper alloy terminals mounted  underside of the loudspeaker foot

Power handling: 200W peak unclipped programme

Maximum spl: 111dB at 1 metre

Height 1105mm
Width 230mm
Depth 370mm

Internal volume: 15 litres

Net weight: 30kg

Retail Price

Τελική πληρωτέα τιμή: ???? € / ζεύγος ηχείων (Standard Finish)