We are Exclusive Audio

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About Us

Exclusive Audio operates since 1981 in the fields of imports, commercial representation and distribution of electronics and high-tech audiovisual equipment. Due to collective expertise, reliability in service and extensive experience, the company has managed and implemented highly demanding projects for audiovisual and network equipment, both for individual as well as for corporate needs. 

Some of the highest internationally esteemed and leading companies in electronics and audio-visual equipment, from Holland, Germany, Austria, England, France, Japan and Switzerland, entrust Exclusive Audio for more than 30 years till today for their exclusive representation.

Exclusive Audio is the official distributor in Greece of outstanding Audio & Video products such as Musical Fidelity, ReVox, ProAc, Goldmund, Metronome, Kalista, Fuuga, Davis Acoustics, EAR, Mimetism, European Audio Team (E.A.T.), Nagaoka, van den Hul, Oyaide, WBT.

Our Products

We scout the world to discover and bring to you the best of the best. But we do not just select the top high-end brands or the latest “fashionable” products. We put every effort to represent companies that can offer value to you – the end customer –  and can offer after sales services and parts for many years to come.

Our Services

High end audio is not just about buying a product and forgetting about it. It’s about maintaining it correctly, being able to repair it to factory specs – or even upgrade it with the latest premium parts. We offer a full range of after-sales service to our clients and any hifi aficionado who -like us- loves and respects his/her equipment and wants to enjoy the musical pleasures it is made to offer.

Our People

We are a small team of highly-skilled audiophile enthusiasts, with close to 40 years experience in the audiovisual market. Ionas Sakkis, our Lead Engineer, is renowned in Greece for his long term expertise in the field of construction, custom upgrades and demanding servicing of premium hifi equipment. We are constantly updated to the latest technologies with educational trips to international exhibitions and scheduled visits to production sites of renowned Audio and Video companies to familiarize with their latest developments in systems and equipment .