E.A.T. Jo No.5 | Cartridge of the Year

E.A.T. Jo No.5 | Cartridge of the Year

eatThe Jo No.5 cartridge by E.A.T. (European Audio Team) has been selected as the Cartridge of the Year by the Hi-Fi+ magazine. In the magazine’s own words:

“E.A.T. might be best known for its high-spec valves and (most recently) all things vinyl, but the company has – to date – only really dabbled in good cartridges. With the Jo No.5 moving coil cartridge, that looks set to change. The distinctive Jo No.5 is packaged to the nines. It comes supplied in a beautiful wooden presentation case, and E.A.T. proprietor Jozefina Lichtenegger has even gone so far as to make a limited edition 24ct gold case for the vinyl enthusiast who has everything! But perhaps most immediately identifiable is that vivid mint-green body. In fact, the colour scheme is the least significant aspect to the design, because the whole cartridge body (and its stylus guard) are custom laser sintered from powdered aluminium. In other words, this uses state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques to ‘grow’ the body from nothing. Interesting to think that a 19th Century technology like record playing can be enhanced by 21st Century manufacturing techniques. By making a body that would be functionally impossible (or at least, financially impractical) to produce by traditional means, the Jo No.5 takes internal resonance and vibration levels down to new lows… and in a device that is all about vibration, managing to reduce the ingress of external forces in that all-important task of dragging a diamond through a groove is vital. Some will simply buy it for its looks, and some will buy it as a part of an E.A.T. turntable package, but in fact the Jo No.5 is an outstanding cartridge in its own right.”

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