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Pre-Owned & Exclusive

JANUARY 2019 Pre-owned and tested hi-fi equipment at incredible prices. All you have to do is contact us for a price quote. (hover over with mouse for model name or click on any image to enter slideshow)   [gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="21981,21983,22011,22012,22015,22013,22020,22014,22017,22019,22021,22025,22022,22023,22024,22026,22033,22031,22032,22034,22035,22038,22040,22042,22046,22047,22052,22053,22058,22057,22054,22050,22045,22056,22055,22160,22049,22164,22048,22159,22158,22161,22162,22163,22165,22211,22212,22214,22226,22227"]...

Musical Fidelity M6s DAC | Hi-Fi Choice Winner

  "there’s one DAC in the group that’s sonically blessed up to and beyond ‘wow’ and this is it. To be frank, the big MF sounds extraordinary" Hi-Fi Choice magazine picks the Musical Fidelity M6s DAC as the unquestionable GroupTest Winner in its latest edition. Read the full...

Hi-Fi World reviews Musical Fidelity M2-Series

Hi-Fi World magazine recently reviewed Musical Fidelity's M2si integrated amplifier and M2SCD CD player. The M2s are the entry-level options of an M-series that go all the way to ‘no compromise’ M8 products. The magazine concludes that is an "extremely capable" system, "keenly priced" and "As...


Hi-Fi News reviews Metronome AQWO

AQWO is the first SACD player from Métronome. Like all the DAC+CD hybrids from the brand, AQWO exhibits the same analogue sound quality in its function of D/A converter, and benefits from numerous digital inputs and outputs allowing for great versatility. Its also has a comfortable...

E.A.T. Jo No.5 | Cartridge of the Year

The Jo No.5 cartridge by E.A.T. (European Audio Team) has been selected as the Cartridge of the Year by the Hi-Fi+ magazine. In the magazine's own words: "E.A.T. might be best known for its high-spec valves and (most recently) all things vinyl, but the company has –...


Hi-Fi Choice reviews Musical Fidelity M2Si

"Superb sonic performance and build". The Hi-Fi Choice magazine is impressed by the latest integrated amplifier by Musical Fidelity, the M2Si. Read the full review here (pdf)....