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Pre-Owned & Exclusive

Pre-owned and tested hi-fi equipment at incredible prices. All you have to do is contact us for a price quote. (hover over with mouse for model name or click on any image to enter slideshow) [gallery size="large" link="none" ids="22393,22390,22405,22408,22391,22372,22373,22212,22211,22227,22048,22163,22226,22055,22344,22165,22161,22214,22162,22160,22164,22045,22054,22057,22058,22053,22052,22047,22046,22042,22040,22038,22035,22034,22031,22026,22023,22022,22025,22021,22019,22017,22014,22020,22013,22012,21983,21981"]...

Welcome Finite Elemente

We are happy to announce that we are now the official distributors of Finite Elemente for Greece. Finite Elemente is an established and highly reputable manufacturer of specialised rack systems and high precision supporting feet or similar devices for hi-fi installations. Optimizing your setup with Finite...

We are now a Premium Partner for Ideon Audio

Ideon Audio has appointed Exclusive Audio as the Premium Partner for Greece. According to this agreement, Exclusive Audio will have the exclusive privilege of distributing, promoting, selling and exhibiting all the company's products within Greece and in its showroom. The two companies have already collaborated in creating...

Musical Fidelity M6s DAC | Hi-Fi Choice Winner

  "there’s one DAC in the group that’s sonically blessed up to and beyond ‘wow’ and this is it. To be frank, the big MF sounds extraordinary" Hi-Fi Choice magazine picks the Musical Fidelity M6s DAC as the unquestionable GroupTest Winner in its latest edition. Read the full...

Hi-Fi World reviews Musical Fidelity M2-Series

Hi-Fi World magazine recently reviewed Musical Fidelity's M2si integrated amplifier and M2SCD CD player. The M2s are the entry-level options of an M-series that go all the way to ‘no compromise’ M8 products. The magazine concludes that is an "extremely capable" system, "keenly priced" and "As...


Hi-Fi News reviews Metronome AQWO

AQWO is the first SACD player from Métronome. Like all the DAC+CD hybrids from the brand, AQWO exhibits the same analogue sound quality in its function of D/A converter, and benefits from numerous digital inputs and outputs allowing for great versatility. Its also has a comfortable...