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Product Overview

Evolutionary paradigm

If you want to survive until tomorrow, you have to adapt to your environment today. The Re:system M100 follows this law of evolution to the letter. The basis is a compact stereo system that has been reduced to the bare, but exquisite essentials. Outstanding design, a fascinating and intuitive operating concept and a specification straight out of the top drawer, with a high-end 2 x 200 watt amplifier, FM tuner and HD scalable DVD player. A system that achieves your dreams today. And if you dream of more tomorrow? Then it's still right for you. The Re:system M100 grows with your dreams.

The future in sight

With the Re:system M100 you have access at all times to exactly the functions that you want to use. Perhaps you would like to integrate Internet radio, external music and film archives or a portable player such as an iPod into your system tomorrow? And then the day after that, you would like to be able to access your Re:system M100 from the bedroom, the kitchen or the terrace? With the Re:system M100, you can expand your system step-by-step, just as you want, by adding modules underneath, to the right or to the left, making new functions both visible and accessible.

So simple. So good.

You can operate the M100 either through its integrated display or with the iPhone/iPad App, which gives you the option of showing a 1:1 image of the M100's display on the iDevice. In addition, there are also further views available offering you intuitive guidance, when searching for music on the Multimedia Module.

Design & Build

Beyond the ordinary

The Re:system M100 allows you to put your system together exactly the way you want. And this is not just in terms of function and construction. When it comes to the visual appearance of your Re:system M100 and its modules, the system gives you every conceivable freedom of choice. All the colours of the RAL colour spectrum are available. There are practically no limits to building a system that matches your own personal taste and creative desires. Through the combination of different finishes, you can create your own unique Re:system M100. With the optional glass panel for the rear of the unit and a cable guidance system that is effectively invisible, nothing can detract from the flawless, visual appearance of the system, even when it is free-standing in the room.

Sound space miracle

Anybody who thinks, that because of the slim, reduced profile of the M100, the sound they will get will be "thin", is in for a big surprise the first time they listen. With its powerful 2 x 200 watt output, when it comes to sound, the "kid" can play in the league with the big boys. Powerful bass, crystal-clear trebles and an extraordinarily transparent sound profile over the complete frequency spectrum, create perfect audiophile enjoyment, even for the most discerning ears. A no-compromise level of performance combined with an ultra-compact design. Never before was a hi-fi output of this performance and of this level installed in such a small space.


Technical data

Dimensions basis 1 H 185 x W 181 x D 340 mm
Weight basis 1 13 kg
Dimensions module H 84 x W 113 x D 340 mm
Weight module 2,5 kg
Fuse rating T5,0 AL 250V   for 100 - 120 V AC
T2,5 AL 250 V  for 200 - 240 V AC
Power consumption Max. 500 W
Basis 1 operation Operation 30 W
Modus power down Stby 0,75 W
Output power 2 x 170 W RMS at 4 Ohm
2 x 220 W Music
Frequency response (-3 db) 5 Hz - 55 kHz
Suppression factor 660
Harmonic distortion 0,003 % at 100 W at 4 Ohm
Headphone output Impedance >= 8 Ohm (I=130 mA max.)


Test report M100 / G prestige

Test report about the stereo amplifier M100 and the G prestige speakers from Audiophile - May 2011.

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Product Manual: M100

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