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Product Overview

Simply enjoy music

For over three decades now, the CD has been a faithful and much-loved accessory for all music lovers. It represents a convenient and high-quality sound experience. Just insert it and enjoy. And that is still true today and going forward. In the same way as a collection of musical favourites, the CD player should be with us for a long time to come. With this in mind and with the goal of achieving the maximum sound fidelity, the Swiss audio specialists have developed their new Joy CD Player. Know-how, precision and accuracy in the production and the deployment of high-quality components form the basis for both the high technical and musical level as well as the longevity of the elegant miracle of sound.

The Revox Joy CD Player is a traditional device with excellent audio performance and an easy, inituitive operation in the design of the Revox Joy product family.

Design & Build


With its robust aluminium housing available in white or silver and a black or white glass front panel, the CD player perfectly matches the other products from the Joy range, such as the Joy Network Receivers or the Joy Audio Server. You can build your own personal audio system from the wide range of Joy devices available.


The CD player is 88 mm high, 200 mm wide and 183 mm deep. It is controlled through the device front panel or via infrared with the Joy S208 Remote control. Televisions or DVD players from other manufacturers can also be controlled using the system remote control. Additionally, an integrated RS232 interface facilitates bidirectional control in larger systems.

Through the intelligent interplay of a powerful 192 kHz/24 bit BurrBrown PCM1796 D/A converter, a precision pulse generator and an oscillation-free, bearing-mounted drive coupled with a low-resonance housing construction, the result is a clean and distortion-free audio signal with a dynamic range of 118 dB. The offset-voltage at the audio output is only 0.0005 volt.


Technical data

Analogue output (1x)
Frequency range 5 Hz - 20 kHz
THD + Noise < 0,0019 %
Dynamic range 118 dB
DC-Offset 0,0005 Volt
SN ratio > 110 dB
Channel separation > 97 dB
Digital output Coaxial (1x)/ Optical (1x)
Frequency range 5 Hz - 20 kHz
THD + Noise 0,0018 %
Data format 44,1 kHz / 16 bit
General data
Supported format CD-DA in according with RED-Book Standart
Dimensions with feet 87 x 200 x 183 mm
Weight  3,05 kg
Temperature range +10°...40°C
Power consumption 0,4 W [Standby]
  7,5 W ± 1,5 W [Operation]
Control IR RC5 Commands
  RS232 Control
Main voltage 100-240 VAS~ / 50-60 Hz

Product Manual: Joy Cd Player

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Τελική Πληρωτέα Τιμή: 1.100