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Product Overview

A deep beautiful controlled bass response. A fast electrostatic type midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.

Design & Build

Further improvements have been made again with the cabinet, bass driver and crossover network.

The cabinet on the D18 is very heavily damped with a new material; it is also now side vented as other high-end models in the ProAc range. A new high tech bass driver is similar to the D2, it however has a larger EXCEL magnet assembly and an acrylic damping phase plug.

The results of these combination of improvements are a deep beautifully controlled bass response, a fast electrostatic midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.


Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifiers: 20 to 180 watts
Frequency Response: 30Hz to 30kHz
Sensitivity: 88 db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
Cabinet: Heavy, inert construction damped with special material and featuring side venting for improved bass loading.
Bass/Midrange: New 6 1/2" (165mm) ProAc unit featuring glass fibre weave cone, large EXCEL magnet system and unique acrylic damping phase plug.
Tweeter: 3/4" dome unit with honeycomb wound voice coil, special damping and ferrofluid-cooled coil assembly
Crossover: Finest components on dedicated circuit board with multistrand oxygen-free copper cable throughout. Split for optional bi-wiring/bi-amping.
Dimensions: 36 5/8" (930mm) High - 38" (965mm) including plinth and spikes, 7 1/2" (190mm) wide, 10 3/8" (265mm) deep
Weight: 55lbs (25 Kgs)
Mode: Floorstanding
Grille: Acoustically transparent crimplene
Standard Finishes - Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple.
Premium Finishes (ordered at extra cost) - Rosewood, Ebony.

Retail Price

Τελική πληρωτέα τιμή:
Standard: 2950 €
Special Finish: 3500 €