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Product Overview

Awesome power and uncanny realism. ProAc's magnificent flagship product!
Loudspeaker companies have toyed with the use of carbon fibre in loudspeakers, mainly for the use in cabinets. Carbon fibre coned drive units are rarely seen and used, we believe the type of carbon fibre and its preparation that we are using is unique.

For the past years ProAc has been researching the use of pure carbon fibre due to its qualities and resonances in the manufacture of drive unit cones. Its incredible stiffness makes it ideal for a drive unit cone, and its piston like qualities are perfect for moving air at low frequencies without distortion. The new Carbon Pro Eight uses two carbon fibre coned bass drivers, a carbon fibre midrange horn and a carbon composite plinth.

Design & Build

The carbon cone is unique with a pure polymer impregnated carbon weave and polished diaphragm, the back of the cone is then specially lacquered and finally it is concentrically weighted to add appropriate mass. The 3 inch midrange dome is repositioned in the unique pure polymer impregnated carbon weave and polished horn, and midrange sounds are reproduced with uncanny realism.

High frequencies are covered by the ProAc ribbon tweeter with a diaphragm lighter than a human hair giving a sweet and detailed reproduction. With these attributes the cabinet size can be reduced greatly without losing the weight and slam of a much larger conventional loudspeaker. The cabinet on the Carbon Pro Eight is a traditional mixture from ProAc of HDF materials of different thicknesses heavily damped with bitumen. Indeed the carcass including bitumen is 35 mm thick.

The combination of research into carbon fibre and its ingredients have produced a stunningly accurate and detailed loudspeaker, having an electrostatic or panel quality without the drawbacks. Sound is reproduced effortlessly with incredible detail and pinpoint imagery, which often can be muddled by conventional drive units.

Be sure that you will not see this type of drive unit in any other high-end loudspeaker and you will be amazed at such an open accurate and natural sound with a fast potent bass response. We urge those seeking the ultimate sound experience to audition the Carbon Pro Eight!


Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
Recommended Amplifiers: 10 to 500 Watts
Frequency Response: 20hz 30Khz
Sensitivity: 91.5db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
Bass Driver: 2 x 8in (200 mm) studio professional drive units with pure polymer impregnated and polished carbon weave cone with rear lacquer and concentric weighting.
Midrange Driver: 3" (75 mm) soft dome with pure polymer impregnated carbon weave air coupling.
Tweeter: ProAc ribbon with diaphragm as light as a human hair alnico magnet and rear chamber damping.
Crossover: Finest components on dedicated circuit board. ProAc multistrand oxygen-free copper cable throughout split for optional bi wiring and bi amping.
Dimensions: 49.2" (1230 mm) high with spikes and plinths, 9.6" (240 mm) wide, 18" (450 mm) deep
Weight: 146.9 lb (68 kg) each unpacked
Mode: Floor standing with spikes
Grille: Acoustically transparent crimplene
Finish : High gloss lacquer finish options available on request

Retail Price

Τελική πληρωτέα τιμή: 29.900,00 €
Special Finish : 31.650,00 €