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Product Overview

The MIMETISM PL 342 is designed to provide superior performance. Technically, the project was to design a simple electronic circuit for high reliability without any compromise.

Design and Build

The use of selected components yielded an outstanding sound quality. The structure Dual Mono with the use of two 100VA toroidal transformers molded, provides a very important power reserve devoid of noise.

Sound performance of high qualities, combined with a presentation of disarming simplicity, this preamp will make the perfect addition to any mono or stereo source for high quality.


Frequency Response: 5Hz-260kHz +0/-3dB
Power Supply: 2 x 100VA Transformers Toroidal
Harmonic Distortion: 0.03% @1Khz
Intermodulation Distortion: Typic 0.05%
Signal to noise ratio: 100 dB 1V
Input Sensibility: 200mV ~ 4.0V Rms
Input RCA: 4 pairs
Input Balanced XLR: 3 pairs
Output RCA: 2 pairs
Output Balanced XLR: 2 pairs
Output impedance: 600 Ohm
Voltage: 120V / 220V / 240V - 50 / 60Hz
Weight: 21Kg
Dimensions: W x H x D - 450 x 130 x 400mm


PL 342: Manual & Brochure

Product Review

Haute Fidelite Magazine Oct. 2013

The PL342 preamp and PA462 stereo unit are technically very
accomplished and aesthetically very well made,
which has not escaped the attention of the Asian
market, to where Mimetism production is mainly

The reproduction qualities are evident
from the first moments of listening. You feel on
familiar sonic ground thanks to the distilled
serenity and drive.
The highest level of Made in France!

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Retail Price

Τελική πληρωτέα τιμή: 8.000