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Product Overview

The Mimesis 27.8 replaces the Mimesis 27.5. It is designed with a full-aluminum chassis like the one used in Goldmund's Ultimate line. The Swiss precision of its construction and the quality of the materials used by Goldmund team reinforce the solid yet refined look that has characterizes the company's products since its creation.

Design and Build

With this much more precise assembly and rigid mechanics (which improves its mechanical grounding), the Mimesis 27.8 is incredibly accurate in its timbers, especially with signals at high level. As it is traditionally the case with Goldmund preamplifiers, the Mimesis 27.8 is fully transparent and produces a sound of an incredible dimension.

The cherry on the cake is that the Alize 6 circuit (the latest version of our D/A converter) is used on this preamplifier, which confers it a much improved dynamics and resolution.

The Mimesis 27.8 comes with 4 x RCA analog input (Left & Right), 2 S/PDIF coaxial RCA inputs and 1 USB input.
Thanks to its RS232 port, it can be integrated in multiple home automation systems.


Power Supply:
Nominal line voltage: 117 or 234 V (switchable)
Fuse 2.5A for 110V and 220V
Input voltage range: +/- 10 %

Analog Inputs:
4 x RCA analog input (Left & Right)

Digital Inputs:
1 x Digital S/PDIF coaxial RCA 75 Ohms or Toslink Optical
1 x Digital S/PDIF coaxial RCA 75
1 x USB AUDIO (up to 96 kHz /24 bits)

Rear Panel Connectors & Controls:
1 x analog output RCA connector Left & Right
1 x USB Audio connector
ON/OFF power switch key
Voltage input selector
RS232 Command connector

Input impedance: 50 kOhms
Nominal input level: 2.25 V RMS
Maximum input level (unbalanced): 3.6 V RMS

Output impedance: 75 Ohms
Maximum output level (unbalanced): 3.6 V RMS

Frequency Response - These values for any level to maximum output level:
+/- 0.1 dB, 10 - 20 kHz
+/- 1.5 dB, 10 - 100 kHz
+/- 3 dB, 10 - 200 kHz

Distortion with 1 V RMS output level, 80 KHz measurement bandwidth, 600 Ohms termination impedance:
THD unbalanced in to unbalanced out < 0.005% (-90 dB) flat with frequency
IMD unbalanced in to unbalanced out < 0.002% (-80 dB)

Noise: Signal-to noise ratio: > 120 dB at 0 dBFS

Operating Temperature:
Room temperature: -30 to +40 degrees Celsius (-22 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit)
Internal temperature: +45 to +65 degrees Celsius (+113 to +149 degrees Fahrenheit)

Dimensions & Weight: 44 W x 43 D x 13 H (cm),12 kg

Warranty: 3 years, parts and labor.


Mimesis 27.8: Manual

Retail Price

Τελική πληρωτέα τιμή: 13500