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Product Overview

The Stenaure L.E. provides the listener with superior performance that will excite any audiophile.
A hidden jewel and very efficient at 95db, you will quickly rediscover sounds that you have never heard in your media.
Floor standing high efficiency speaker for use even with low power valve (tube) or solid state amplification.

Design & Build

Based on the success and much recognized and published acclaim of its predecessor, the Stentaure 1st edition, DAVIS has redesigned and revolutionized the offering in modernizing the look and feel of the enclosure as well as including in it Davis' latest generation of tweeter and thus providing a wider acoustic range for the offering. This is a product of 2-way, 3-speaker design of bass reflex with front port and biwiring facility.

And while DAVIS always features very well made and light transducers, the salient feature of the Stentaure L.E. is its high efficiency coefficient that is designed with a linear and flat, true sound. This speaker can be driven even with an amplifier of only 10 watts offering the audiophile with superior performance found in speakers that are double in price.

With this design in mind, the speaker may also outperform others even in the smallest and most modest of room sizes. It's mini internal chamber and its PEEK dome will see users revel in the sound and showcase every time the total user experience. Recommended for rooms up to 165 square feet (50 sq meters).


Nominal Power: 120 W
Maximum Power: 180 W
Number of ways: 2
Number of speakers: 3
Efficiency: 95 db
Frequency Response: 40-20000 Hz
Tweeter: 25mm (1 inch) compression with peek diafragm
Woofer: 2x pulp cones 17 cm (6,6 inches)
Dimensions: 100x20x31 cm
Weight: 19 kgr
Impedance: 4...8 ohms
Crossover Frequency: 3000 Hz

Retail Price

Τελική Πληρωτέα Τιμή: 930 €