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Over its history, Oyaide company headquartered in Japan has accumulated a vast and deep storehouse of knowledge that enables it to produce simple, high- quality, ground-breaking audio products of unmatched performance imbued with genuine Japanese spirit.
Since the day of its establishment in 1952, Oyaide have had opportunities to apply a number of state-of-the-art technologies specific to their specialized cable store with products of unmatched performance. Exhaustive painstaking effort and listening tests have yielded a series of connectors, cables and audio products of real interest and value to end users. All materials used to produce Oyaide’s electronic products are obtained solely in Japan. This allows the company to maintain strict quality controls with no compromise in materials and workmanship as this is the core essence of the Oyaide’s philosophy.
We invite you to experience the emotion and the enjoyment that Oyaide products can provide.

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