Japanese Nagaoka brand is unique in the cartridge business having produced styli, cartridges and accessories for records since 1940, thus more than 70 years! All of the very high precision parts used in manufacturing the cartridges and styli are made in Nagaoka’s own factories, from the diamond tips, the cantilevers, the samarium cobalt magnets, even de coils.
The phonograph stylus is the most important link in a vinyl sound system to capture the information stored in the grooves of the vinyl record and translate this information into an electrical current. The quality and shape of the stylus and the tolerances in the manufacturing process are of the utmost importance to ensure that the translation of the information in the grooves is perfect and no information is lost or added in the process. Nagaoka is the world’s only cartridge producer making all the required parts in house and having 100% control over the quality of each individual part.
Each Nagaoka cartridge model offers the highest possible music reproduction in their class.
The new high performance Nagaoka MP-series cartridges incorporate the most up-to-date materials and produce an equal sound reproduction in all frequency ranges from the super deep low tones to the crystal clear high notes, clearly accentuating and separating every detail, however small, of the musical instruments and voices of the artists.
Nagaoka's continuous pursuit of perfect sound reproduction will not fail to provide you with the utmost musical satisfaction. With Nagaoka cartridges and accessories audiophiles can experience the concert hall in the comfort of their home!

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