There are very few modern designers in the audio field who can claim as much as de Paravicini for having more than 30 years design of excellence. No aspect of the recording and reproduction chain has been left untouched, no aspect of circuit design not further researched and developed.
Since 1976, Tim de Paravicini has designed a mammoth catalogue of Hi-Fi and Studio components, both for Esoteric Audio Research (E.A.R.@) and for other domestic audio companies. Currently EAR consumer product range includes integrated valve amplifiers, valve preamplifiers, valve power amplifiers, CD players, stunning Moving Coil phono stage transformers, and turntables all offering unrivaled performance.
All EAR amplifiers are truly original, including the custom transformer, metal work and circuit printed board.
Tim de Paravicini’s promise for every EAR product is simple: If he designs it, it must be a better design than anything else, or he will not manufacture it. His sole goal is taking audio to the furthest possible point of development. Current research is taking him and EAR@ further along this path than any single competitor.

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