Davis Acoustics started as a family business in 1986 in France. Since then, the company has been successfully functioning completely on self-financing and produce Hi-Fi speakers from the very beginning to the very end including the manufacturing of their own drive units which are considered the “engine” of each speaker. The company’s highly skilled staff design and produce those high quality drive units from scratch at the Davis Acoustics factory in Troyes, France. By changing the quality of a cone, the size of a magnet, the value of resistance of a voice coil, Davis Acoustics engineers can decide on the character of a speaker, before even starting to work on its cabinet loading its crossover.
Davis Acoustics speakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible and are meant for customers that are demanding about sound quality and listen to every sonic nuance in their music.
Whether listening to the smallest model or to the most advanced one, even the most discerning listener will be able to feel real emotions of the music, to hear every minute detail of a movie soundtrack, or to feel as if a singer or a musician is present right in the room.
If you are looking for the uncompromising sound quality, look no further! Davis Acoustics Hi-Fi speakers maintain a strong commitment to the true sound reproduction, remaining loyal to music.

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